29 September 2009

Revolving dog door

Between 3:30 and 4am, the dogs usually wake up to go outside for a bathroom break. Edgar is the first one to let me know it is time. He stands near the kitchen door and whines softly. For many families, letting the dogs out is just not a labor intensive transaction. But this morning, as I was standing by the kitchen door, becoming more and more fully awake and aware of my surroundings, the logistics involved in this early-morning activity seemed, well, ridiculous. Here’s a play-by-play.
  • Edgar and Jasper go out
  • Tristan goes out, I go out with him to steer him into the grass (the grass was wet and he has a tendency to avoid the grass)
  • Tristan changes his mind and comes back inside
  • I let the kitty in through the front door
  • Edgar and Jasper come back inside
  • Jackie goes out; Jasper and I accompany him
  • Jackie comes back inside
  • Edgar stands by the door with me looking out
  • Jasper comes back inside
  • Jasper tries to pester the kitty
  • Gracyn goes out
  • Tristan goes out again
  • Jasper goes out to join Gracyn and Tristan
  • Gracyn and Tristan come back indoors
  • I walk around the house taking a head count and determine that Jasper is still out. I stand by the door and wait for Jasper – I can hear her jingling around in the yard. She finally comes in and everyone goes back to sleep for another hour.

Shuffle the deck and repeat tomorrow at 3:45am.

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