02 September 2009

Managing disappointment

Soon, both of the real estate transactions with which I am involved will be withdrawn. It is a huge disappointment. Cristy and I had found a house that is perfect for us. We were going to get married in that house. We were going to share our days and nights there, establishing our lives and creating a secure home. But now, the last hopes of this dream are unraveling.

The couple that pledged to buy my house are apparently not in a financial position to complete the purchase transaction. I have my own perception, opinion and judgment around that, but none of it changes the facts or makes the disappointment any less pronounced.
I will eventually sell my house and Cristy and I will eventually find another house. But it will not be the one we have imagined that we would call our home.

Amidst this disappointment, our perspective is one of gratitude. We still have jobs, good health, reliable transportation, assets and income. Above all, we still have each other, our love and the infinite possibilities that exist as our future unfolds together. We have lost only a little bit of time and money. Perhaps it is the cost of a lesson.

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