11 September 2009

Rainy day memories

Although the rainy weather cleared up yesterday, it returned for an encore performance today. We will probably venture out in a while for a bit of shopping and Mexican food, but the seashore enjoyment we had anticipated is ranking much lower on the probability scale.

The summer that I was 10 years old, I went to summer camp for 2 weeks during an unseasonably rainy period. The weather was muddy messy, but the worst part was the constant onslaught of mosquitoes. It was hard to manage these pests since we lived in tents and all of our activities were outdoors. I had a lot of insect bites and I remember being uncomfortable, but I did not realize how totally out of control the situation was until my mother arrived to pick me up at the end of my stay. She took one look at me, murmured something sympathetic, grabbed my hand and stormed into the camp office. I remember her being wildly upset with the teen-aged camp counselors about their complete negligence in monitoring the children under their care. She was hopping mad.

I had seen my mom’s angry side before. On (rare) occasion, my own childish misbehavior brought it to the surface, but I had never seen her direct that emotionally charged tirade to anyone else. I’ve never seen it since, either.

I have read that mosquitoes are attracted to some people more than others, and I fall squarely in the former group. But in the rainy season, I keep a bottle of bug spray on hand.

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